Uses of Stem cells in Orthopaedics
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Uses of Stem cells in Orthopaedics

Non union,delayed union
Avn femur -condyle, head 
avn talus
In Cerebral palsy 
In Muscular dystrophies
In IDK knee ,

Tendonpathies with partial ACL , Collateral Lig injuries around knee, 
In partial TA tears in ankle
Rheumatoid Arthritis (uncontrolled)
Spinal canal early stenosis with acute pid, spinal cord  injuries
Critical Limb Ischemia both traumatic and SEC to Diabetes ,Burgers disease 
In peripheral various non healing ulcers
Nt Limb lengthening principle in Ilizarov etc is due to endogenous use of stem cells
Since most of indications of Reg Science are for Orthopaedics so orth surgeons should have upper hand in Indianstemcellstudygroup Other specialities 
Gastro physcian use Reg Science in Diabetes , Liver cirrhosis 
Neurophy in Cerebral atrophy, Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis 
Gynae in Infertility only 
Cardio thoracic Surg use after bypass
Ophthalmic uses in various anterior and post chamber conditions 
Pulmonologist in Lung fibrosis 
Dental surgeons in submucous fibrosis
Skin Physcian’s in anti-aging 
So Orthopaedics have max use