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Dr Manish Khanna - Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Lucknow | Foot Deformity

In India deformities in lower limb arising after Polio, cerebral palsy are still common. Children have difficulty in walking,standing, sometimes even tightness in leg, knee which makes their leg weak. It has been seen many times that in early age of children correction is being done by surgery or plaster and as child gain in height at later age then similar problems reoccur. Similarly in Club-foot there is re occurrence of deformity at later age and then best treatment is placing fixater system which works on the principle of lengthening of muscle, ligaments. 


Treatment of congenital deformed foot is now possible by reliable & advanced technology of mini external fixation  Deformed foot is known as clubfoot. This is a congenital defect that is present since birth. The incidence is quite high approximately 1-4 per thousand live births. It can be unilateral or bilateral (one or both feet affected). A normal foot is made up of a number of small bones which together constitute various small joints. There joints make the foot supple. In club foot bones are normal in shape but altered in position so foot is not supple.

Dr Manish Khanna - Back Pain Treatment in Lucknow | Joint Pain Treatment

The American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Pain Society (APS) have issued a comprehensive joint clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain, which is published in the October 2,2007 issue of the Genral of Internal Medicine. These guidelines offer recommendations concerning how to categorize patients, when to perform imaging studies, educational information for patients, self-care, when to prescribe medications and what types, and nonpharmacologic therapy.